Thursday, September 12, 2019

My Experience of a Stressful Situation Personal Statement

My Experience of a Stressful Situation - Personal Statement Example Since I have adopted a healthy nutrition agenda, my life has become better and it has transcended in the different life realms ever since. I can easily deduce that this has been the biggest task that I have attained to date and there is no reason why I should deny the same. The healthy nutrition was backed up by psychological body systems which aided in my grooming and development. It has been the basis of who I am and how I envision life in its truest fashion. I can easily fathom that these two points have helped me adopt a healthy lifestyle which has facilitated my life like never before. The obstacles that I overcame during this process comprised the habits that I had to get rid of in order to choose a healthy lifestyle. It assisted me immensely towards adequately comprehending how things will shape up and how I as an individual needed to change the course if life in one way or the other. 2. Describe what an "underserved population" means to you. What are ways that a pharmacist ca n serve and impact underserved patient populations? By an underserved population, I hold the opinion that this is one segment of the society which is not being taken care of in a proper manner. These are the people who lack in basic healthcare settings, have a shortage of food and are not in close contact with the availability of water resources. This is the segment that is not being looked after and there are a number of reasons why this has happened within the domains of any society of the world. The underserved population is basically not being given its due share as the entire population must be treated in a fair and equal manner; however, this is hardly the case when one speaks of this form of a segment. As a pharmacist, the role can be of immense significance as far as serving the underserved population is concerned. These are the individuals who can give medicines which are of equal use and effectiveness yet low in price as compared to a higher alternative.

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