Thursday, September 26, 2019

International security Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

International security - Research Paper Example Cyber attacks can be stated as anonymous and is launched from various sources across the globe. Impacts might be obvious and immediate, or subtle and dormant, eluding recognition for past many years. Cyber warfare results into high degree of damage ranging from personal systems to destruction of critical infrastructures. The growth of cyber threats is greatly affecting each and every individual. International security is closely knitted with the approach of cyber warfare. The vulnerability aspect is enhanced due to global dependence on technology. Increased connectivity has even facilitated security threats worldwide. Developing a comprehensive and effective national cyber security would help to counter such threats. Internet’s global expansion is considered to be the most powerful revolution in technological field. There are positive aspects related to internet growth which deals with rapid transmission of data. It can be stated that Internet has skyrocketed to 17 billion fro m 16 million. In modern world every business operations is based on advanced technology. Data transmission is a major aspect in business world but cyber warfare leads to exploitation of data. This study shall highlight different methods related to hacking procedure and its impact on various organizations. The research study would not only outline negative implications of cyber attacks but will also take into consideration different approaches that are used to prevent such attacks. A theoretical background encompassing concept of cyber warfare would reflect upon the motives behind such attacks and incorporation to growth journey of these crimes. Analytical opinions will also be included in this study in order to determine the impact caused on firms or countries due to such attacks and precautionary measures adopted to safeguard themselves from such attacks. The entire study will be based on secondary research since expert’s opinions are essential for this form of analytical st udy. The

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