Thursday, September 26, 2019

Living Long and Keeping Well Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Living Long and Keeping Well - Essay Example In their article "Living Long and Keeping Well: Elderly Canadians Account for Success in Aging," by Bassett, R; Bourbonnais, V; and McDowell, I, the writers have correctly researched aging population in Canada to find out the causes for their long life and well-being. Nonetheless, they have not found anything new in the research made by them. The research made by Bassett, R. et al lacks depth. Let me hasten to mention that if the purpose of the article is to reinforce the theory of good living and nutritious diet for long living, I have no objection to it. Indeed, in this age of fast and junk food, the need of nutritious diet has to be constantly reminded to make the right impact. However, my point is that Bassett et al have come up with analyses that do not provide any new insight into the causes that make for long, healthy lives. Reasons such as: keeping active, maintaining good nutrition, and the explanation of Francophones and Anglophones are very broad and these are useful in the case of every age group. The actual reason for longevity must go beyond what have been mentioned in the research (Canadian Journal on Aging). As already mentioned in the problem citing activities, good nutrition, etc. do not convincingly prove longevity. The hypotheses are based on general activities and food intake that anyway make for good health in any age group. There must be certain aspect unique to each individual responsible for his or her carrying on with aplomb even in advanced years. It may be the cup of green tea an aged couple may have been taking regularly since their middle years. It may be a long walk a bachelor may be enjoying since his youth. Such unique aspects have not been adequately covered. Samples There has not enough samples been tested to find out the end results of certain unique behavior. As mentioned earlier, an aged couple may have found elixir in the green cup of tea they have consumed regularly since their middle years. Talking to individuals and couples on the reason they feel are responsible for their longevity and analyzing them could prove to be more effective in the type of research Bassett et al have undertaken. Variables The variables researched by Bassett, R et al are too broad to be cited for the purpose of this study. Undoubtedly, they have come back to the same point of good hygiene and proper diet. However, there are millions who are equally adept at consuming good diet all their years and they have not lived long enough to convince the world that they have done nothing wrong to have their life cut short. Method Likewise, the method adopted for the purpose of the research does not cover well the precise reasons for the longevity of the aged in Canada. The reason that "physical illness was less significant than the will to adapt to illness and avoid further physical decline as long as possible" is also much too broad to shed any light on the uniqueness of the research (Canadian Journal on Aging). Conclusion After going through the article and reflecting on the points made by the writers, I am unable to find justification for treating the article with so much concern. This research would be better made by lay

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