Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Identify, compare and contrast for the CIA Agency Essay

Identify, compare and contrast for the CIA Agency - Essay Example Of our concern is the fact that Directorate of Science and Technology relates to information security standards in the agency (CIA, 2011). Factors like integrity of the personnel, secretiveness of the personnel and the information, and the availability of such information make up information security. In this context, confidentiality dictates that secretive information should stay as a secret and only authorized persons should receive access to such information. On the other hand, integrity relates to the morality, soberness, and the criminal history of the personnel. Then availability of information and information security relevantly serves an important part in the Agency. Furthermore, there are different standards that govern the application of information security. Some of these standards draw certain similarities while others portray divergent characteristics. Such standards may include and are not limited to Personnel Security Standards, Investigative Requirements and Standards , and Reporting Requirements (Tenet, n.y). Nevertheless, the main aim of all information security standards for CIA Agency is to help in fulfilling its mission in U.S. The Director of Central Intelligence oversees the formulation and implementation of the information security standards for CIA Agency. The National Security Act of 1947, as amended, and Executive Orders 12333 and 12968, set all the information security standards for CIA to apply to all US Government civilian and military personnel, employees, contractors, and consultants who seek access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI). The Personnel Security Standards deal with qualification for accessing SCI. They stipulate the criteria for security approval on a person who seeks to know the basis for accessing SCI. According to the standards, such a person access to SCI must be a US citizen and the individuals immediate family must be US citizens.

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