Sunday, October 6, 2019

Apple Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Apple - Essay Example The  letters in PESTLE represent Political, Economic,  Socio-cultural, Technological, Legal, and Environmental. Political forces refer to the stability eminent in the political  environment as well as the attitudes of political movements or parties towards the organization. This manifests in government’s tax policies, or the government’s involvement in the form of trade in which the organization is involved. Political factors are intertwined with legal aspects, for example, trade  restrictions and regulations, national employment legislation, merger and monopoly rules, and consumer protection (Brookes & Palmer, 2004). The Apple Company, in 2005, made 52% of its sales outside of the United States (Jones, McCormick, & Dewing, 2012). The Apple Company possesses no control over its relations with other nations, mainly because of Americas war against Terror. Apple produces a large number of its products in foreign countries. This is inclusive of countries such as China, Czech Republic, Korea, and Ireland. Any form of political conflict with any of these nations will have a devast ating effect on the Apple Company. Once more, the Apple Company possesses no control over wars, failed public relations, or failed communication with corresponding nations to the United States. Economic factors refer to a wider economy and therefore, include levels of  unemployment and employment, economic growth rates, the costs of raw materials, inflation, and exchange rates. The economic depression of 2009 had a severe impact on the Apple sales as well as the growth and development of the company (Amb, Hair, & Mcdaniel, 2011). The Apple products were viewed as luxury products at that high inflation rate, when income was low, and the rate of unemployment had heightened. This caused the company’s product sales to drop drastically. However, since Apple had purchased foreign currency, when the dollar lost value, the corporation did not face economic breakdown. Actually, the decline

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