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System Planning and Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

System Planning and Design - Essay Example In addition it is also imperative to understand hardware platforms for deployment of developed systems such that failure of operation is avoided (Smith, 2012). In this regard requirement analysis becomes essential. Secondly, since the onset of the digital era, there has been overwhelming demand for digitizing existing and forthcoming records and consequently information system building has to solve these problems. Such demand thus calls for specific design that takes into consideration all these requirements hence the need for system specification (Johnson, 2011). When all specific system requirements have been met, it is imperative that design commences. While designing IT experts usually break down system components such that each component is developed independently of the other to avoid numerous system errors. This is also highly encouraged while using implementation of tools that are object oriented. Thus the system is separated into modules, which are independent of each other. Upon clearance of modular development, development stage begins which entails system coding whereby the real transition between human and machine interaction happens (Edwards, 2012). Coding begins with creating pseudo codes at each functional level and consequently reviewing whether all requirements have been met and thus the system is constructed at this stage (Johnson, 2011). After development system integration follows which involves a combination of the different modules developed above. After successful integration of different modules for SFO clinic, then system testing follows which is done in two phases. While testing might be done after integration, it is of great essence that testing be carried out before and after integration to ensure that developed modules are error-free and that the system has efficient communication abilities, that is, modules are able to communicate with each other while passing data. This last stage will ensure whether the developed system is impor tant for SFO clinic in California by achieving user acceptance. Requirement analysis This stage involves two critical foundational stages of system development which include business case and user requirements (Edwards, 2012). Business case provides useful information upon which the system is to be based on. In this case, SFO clinic in California is an urgent health care facility that admits individuals with urgency cases. Understanding the institution by name, location and requirements gives the developer a background idea on how to get in touch with the organization and conduct further research as entails other requirements. Johnson (2011) argues that user requirements form another essential step in the design and development process. In order to transform organization functions to digital records, it is imperative the extensive research be undertaken. This can either be done through prototyping, simulation, user interviews among others or a combination of either of these requirem ent collection methodologies. In the case of SFO clinic, requirement analysis is done through a combination of prototyping and user interviews. Inclusive users undergoing the interviewing process involved the director of the clinic, the receptionist, doctors at the clinic and the billing department. The requirement process obtained that digitization exercise at the clinic involves the billing depar

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