Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Autobiography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Autobiography - Essay Example After witnessing my grandmother’s near-death experience and her recovery to normal life, I knew that the human body fascinated me. I wanted to be the oncologist who helped get my grandmother’s health back on track. I wanted to help bring back smiles to people’s faces through influencing their health conditions. My clinical shadowing and research experience has helped affirm my dream of becoming a doctor. This experience has assisted me in learning how tender and caring one should be towards patients. I have learned that devotion is key to becoming successful in the medical profession. I have learned to experience the joy one gets at seeing patients recover. The experience further widened my eyes on how detailed the human body is, and how perfectly careful one has to be when dealing with it. I got to be part of two research activities through this experience; a clinical and laboratory research. Forming part of the clinical research helped me to gain two mentors wh o were the two head doctors of the research. They guided me on the road they undertook towards achieving their work as doctors. The clinical research further enlightened me on the effort, dedication, and the love that a team of doctors put towards assisting a community. The clinical research also helped me to consolidate my academic goals. I became interested in attaining a master in public health during the gap year after medical school. The laboratory research experience helped me to understand how to follow specific protocols.

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