Monday, February 24, 2020

Interactions of hazardous materials Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 5

Interactions of hazardous materials - Essay Example When calcium hypochlorite gets in contact with water there exist a formation of Hypochlrous acid denoted by Ca (OCLS) 2 +2H2 O’2HOCL + Ca (OH)2. There is also a possibility of the acid to undergo other various reactions. Calcium hypochlorite normally operates as a weak form of a base implying that the hypochlorite ions are able to collect hydrogen ions found in water to form Hypochlrous acid. This acid is highly poisonous and may result into adverse effects on people’s health. The inhalation of hypochlorite elements may result into an individual developing gastrointestinal effect. Hypochlorite substances can also cause individual to have mouth, esophagus and throat injuries while inhaled. Additionally, it may also result into stomach bleeding, which can lead to the person’s death if quick measures are not taken. For disinfection to take place for the hypochlorous acid it is vital to go through the decomposition processes. The decomposition action can occur in pre sence of an organic substance like bacteria. During this process the oxygen formed is referred to as nascent oxygen, which is liable for the disinfection act (Zinski,

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