Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Modern Heroes essays

Modern Heroes essays There are significant differences between celebrities and heroes. Heroes deserve more awards than celebrities do. Everyday heroes such as policemen, firemen, doctors and teachers deserve awards for their service to the community. We must recognize them as heroes working towards the wellbeing of other people. Real heroes should receive recognition for their accomplishments from the media. General Aung San, who founded the Burmese Army in 1941 and fought for independence from the British, is considered as the father of the nation. When Burma was under the British rule, Aung San first made his name through university level political action. Aung San fled to Japan in 1940 following his arrest for participating in the Communist Party of Burma. In 1941, Aung San and his thirty comrades founded the Burmese Independence Army (BIA). Aided by BIA, the Japanese marched into Burma within weeks of Pearl Harbor. Japan declared Burma an independent country and allowed General Aung San to create the Burma National Army (BNA). General Aung San took the position of the Defense Minister in BNA. At the end of War World II, Japan lost the War and Burma came under the British rule for the second time. General Aung San wanted independence immediately from England and also wanted to establish a democratic, civilian government. In July 1947, General Aung San was assassinated by his enemie s at the age of thirty-two before Burma was able to declare her independence in 1984. He might not be as well known as a famous actor, but he deserved recognition as a hero for his service to his country and people. Aung S. Su Kyi, daughter of General Aung San continue to struggle for democracy and human rights in Burma, and became the leading representative of the movement for freedom and democracy. She was only two years old when enemies assassinated her father in 1947, the year before Burma finally won its independence form England. In 1988, Aung S. Ky ...

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